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Picture of Mexxy


METHOXETAMINE - AKA: Mexxie, MXE, MKet - a drug that has similar effects to ketamine. It was produced as a legal alternative, until it was made illegal in February 2013.

Fold out, six panel leaflet

Who is it for:
People of all ages who use, or are considering using Methoxetamine (Mexxy).

What's in it:
In response to this emerging trend of new legal highs,  the Home Office has said “Action to address the issue of emerging legal highs coming on to the market is a priority for the Government. We think information is the best type of action. ”This leaflet provides information on:

•  what it is
•  how mexxy is used

•  the effects

•  the law
•  the most current advice on the risks and advice on how to reduce them.


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