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Picture of Drugs and Driving - Social Marketing Campaign

Drugs and Driving - Social Marketing Campaign

A NEW brandable, drugs and driving, social marketing campaign.
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Drugs and Driving

Drug driving is common throughout the UK, particularly with clubbers, many who will combine a night of clubbing and drugs with driving home or to an after-party.

Target audience

With the imminent arrival of a new police 'Drugalyser', drugs and driving is sure to become a hot topic. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the problems surrounding drugs and driving, and encourages people not to get behind the wheel of a car if they have been using drugs.

This brandable drugs and driving social marketing campaign, confronts the the potential risks and consequences of drugs and driving in the context of a night out, and can be branded with your organisations logo, text and local details.


New Website (June 2011)

Drugs and Driving

Click to view website

We have recently launched a brandable website as another component of the 'drugs and driving' campaign. It is a fully editable, 'out of the bag'  content managed website.

It uses a content management (CMS) system, which keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site

Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don't have to.

The website will allow you to:

  • Add local Information
  • Up-load images
  • Create new pages
  • Update the website with the latest news and advice
  • Allow other people within your organisation various levels of access to the site
  • Allow users to subscribe to regular e-bulletin newsletters
  • Participate in forums
If you would rather not, or don't have the time to manage the website, we can manage the website, and keep the information up-to-date on your behalf.

Campaign content

The campaign deals with all the main issues related to drugs and driving, including:

  • How drugs work
  • How different drugs affect your driving
  • Clubbing and drugs
  • Drugs and the law, including how the police deal with suspected drug drivers
  • The long terms implications of a drug driving conviction
  • The morning after the night before, and how long drugs can stay in your system

Campaign components

The cost of the campaign is made up of the campaign fee and the production and supply of the following components and is based on the various components and the duration of the campaign. A basic campaign package wil include

  • 100 A3 Posters
  • 200 A4 Posters
  • 2500 A4, double sided leaflets
  • 1000 A6 double sided postcards
  • Leaflet dispensers

Additional campaign components

You can order additional components for this campaign.

  • Bus side and interiors interiors & Adshels
  • Dedicated, content managed, SEO website for the duration of the campaign
  • Campaign awareness components including, key rings, car fresheners, T-shirts etc.

Try before you buy

Before you purchase a campaign, why not ask us to show you how some of the campaign components will work with your branding and localised text, there is no commitment to purchase the campaign, but it may help you to decide if it will work for your organisation.


Please email us for pricing and more information.


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