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Picture of A Night on the Town - Drug & Alcohol Survival Pack

A Night on the Town - Drug & Alcohol Survival Pack

Four of our most popular publications containing information and advice on over 13 substances including alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and mephedrone.
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Increasing numbers of people now combine alcohol with other legal and illegal drugs.

The need for awareness and harm reduction advice covering a number of different substances, in the context of a night out, is an important part of keeping people safe.

We have compiled four of our most popular harm reduction publications, into one package, which covers over 13 substances, including alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and mephedrone. The publications are:

• Binge
• Snort
• Cocaethylene.

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These packs are ideal for outreach or distribution through outlets such as clubs, bars, cafes, record and clothes shops, etc.

Minimum number of 50 packs per order.

January 2016: Includes the latest Government alcohol guidelines


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