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Picture of Ecstasy FAQS

Ecstasy FAQS

Part of our FAQs series, this ecstasy leaflet raises awareness and provides essential health advice for anyone who uses Ecstasy.
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Full Colour, double sided A4 leaflet.

Who is it for?
This leaflet is suitable for people of all ages who are using ecstasy or MDMA powder.

What's in it?
Ecstasy became the drug of choice for a generation during the rave scene of the eighties but, during the last decade the use of ecstasy dwindled as the quality declined. Many young people are familiar with taking
‘tablets’ as part of a night out, despite most “ecstasy” containing a
completely different substance. Now, ‘proper’ ecstasy looks set to make a
come back due to a shift in the location of manufacture and increasing

This leaflet provides clear and accurate harm reduction advice in a familiar 'FAQs' format. It has been peer reviewed by ecstasy users to ensure it's relevance and provides information including:

• How it makes you feel
• The role of Serotonin
• How it's used
• The risks and how to reduce them
• Heatstroke and staying hydrated
• The law
• Fake ecstasy

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