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Picture of Scarborough Alcohol Campaign

Scarborough Alcohol Campaign

Alcohol awareness and advice campaign aimed at people who drink at home, younger people who pre-load before going out and drinkers with families.
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The Borough of Scarborough, situated on the English North East coast, has above average rates of alcohol mortality for males and relatively high levels of mortality in males from chronic liver disease. Alcohol specific hospital admissions are higher than average for males and females, with significantly higher than average levels for under 18 admissions.

Commissioned by HIT on behalf of Scarborough City Council we created the concept and design for all the elements of the Scarborough Alcohol Campaign. The three campaigns were created to raise awareness of the risks and problems associated with alcohol and to give clear and pragmatic localised information to the local community about the related risks.

We aimed In particular at highlighting the effects of drinking, not only on the individual but on families and communities.

The campaign elements are targeted at three different groups of drinkers:

  • Home drinkers
  • Younger people (Pre-loading)
  • Drinkers with families


Client Comment

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the final images/materials. We have had some really positive feedback locally from partners who will be using the materials about the quality of the images and the campaign materials. All have been well received but the family image seems to be a definite favourite".

Jo Ireland, Community Partnerships Manager, Regeneration and Planning Services, Scarborough Borough Council.