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Picture of Clubber - The Essential Clubber's Guide to Drugs and Staying Safe

Clubber - The Essential Clubber's Guide to Drugs and Staying Safe

UP-DATED Jan 2015: Now includes information about the dangers of PMA/PMMA Clubber is a comprehensive and credible drug awareness and health information booklet for anyone who uses drugs in a nightclub environment.

Sixteen page, A6.

Who is it for?
People of all ages who use drugs in a nightclub environment.

What's inside?
This fully illustrated booklet provides the most current health information and advice on:

• 13 different drugs incouding NPSs, split into stimulants, depressants and psychedelics
• Guidance around new and emerging highs
• Pre-club, in the club and the after club issues
• Heatstroke and water intoxication (including new information around PMA/PMMA
• Legal issues on the purchase and supply of drugs
• MIxing drugs and alcohol
• Overdose from stimulants and depressants
• Sex and combining anti-impotence drugs with other substances
• HIV and Hepatitis meds
• Handling the comedown
• Looking after yourself

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