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Picture of Cocaine and Alcohol - Cocaethylene

Cocaine and Alcohol - Cocaethylene

Cocaethylene awareness and harm reduction leaflet for anyone who uses alcohol and cocaine together.
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Six page, two colour, fold out leaflet.  105 x 297mm

Who is it for?
The leaflet is suitable for anyone who uses alcohol and cocaine together.

What's inside?
The leaflet raises awareness and provides information on:
•  What it is
• The effects
• The risks
• Dependence warning signs
• Advice on how to control or stop cocaine and alcohol use

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Combined alcohol and cocaine use is becoming a major concern to health services and drug and alcohol treatment agencies.
Addaction, a drug and alcohol treatment charity, believes the cocaethylene issue will emerge as a major health problem, namely liver failure, in the future if "recreational" coke users who go out binge drinking are not fully aware of the trouble they are storing up for their bodies.”
When cocaine is combined with alcohol, the frequency of emergency department presentations is significantly greater than when cocaine is used alone

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