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Clubbing and drugs
Picture of Clubber - The Essential Clubber's Guide to Drugs and Staying Safe
UP-DATED Jan 2015: Now includes information about the dangers of PMA/PMMA Clubber is a comprehensive and credible drug awareness and health information booklet for anyone who uses drugs in a nightclub environment.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Mephedrone
Despite becoming a class B drug in it is still widely used. This leaflet provides health information and harm reduction advice.

£0.35 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Snort-Swallow
Awareness and harm reduction related advice concerning the issues around snorting and swallowing drugs. This publication is particularly relevant to people who may be using new and psychoactive substances (NPS).

£0.20 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Ecstasy FAQS
Part of our FAQs series, this ecstasy leaflet raises awareness and provides essential health advice for anyone who uses Ecstasy.

£0.44 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of A Night on the Town - Drug & Alcohol Survival Pack
Four of our most popular publications containing information and advice on over 13 substances including alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and mephedrone.

£1.70 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Ketamine Aware
New ketamine awareness and education booklet for young people.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of MDMA. Powders & Pills
Recently, MDMA powder has become a more commonly used form of Ecstasy and has gained a reputation as ‘purer’ or ‘stronger’ than the traditional pill form.

£0.50 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Mephedrone - Information For Human Consumption
This detailed 16 page guide will help anyone who is using, or thinking about using Mephedrone, make informed decisions.

£0.52 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Mexxy
METHOXETAMINE - AKA: Mexxie, MXE, MKet - a drug that has similar effects to ketamine. It was produced as a legal alternative, until it was made illegal in February 2013.

£0.35 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Ketamine FAQs leaflet
Part of our FAQs series, this attractively designed Ketamine leaflet gives general advice, help and information for Ketamine users.

£0.44 (GBP) excl VAT

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