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Welcome to the Substance Shop

The Substance shop contains a growing range of credible and unique substance misuse and awareness resources for both substance users, and services and organisations that engage with them.

All the resource contain balanced and realistic information and advice, written by health professionals and reviewed by substance users, We regularly review all of our resources to ensure accuracy.. Read more about the Substance team here...

You can find more information on ordering and payment here


Picture of PEDs - Advice and information for people who use performance enhancing drugs.
Needle and syringe programmes have reported rapidly increasing numbers of steroid and performance enhancing drug (PED) users attending their services.

£1.12 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of DRUGS - Staying Safe - Advice & information for young people
This substance misuse booklet for young people provides clear, non-judgemental information about some of the most commonly used legal and illegal substances.

£0.72 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of A Night on the Town - Drug & Alcohol Survival Pack
Four of our most popular publications containing information and advice on over 13 substances including alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and mephedrone.

£1.70 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Cannabis Aware
Updated information and distinctive fresh visuals for our cannabis awareness booklet for young people.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Clubber - The Essential Clubber's Guide to Drugs and Staying Safe
UP-DATED Jan 2015: Now includes information about the dangers of PMA/PMMA Clubber is a comprehensive and credible drug awareness and health information booklet for anyone who uses drugs in a nightclub environment.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Cocaine Aware
New cocaine awareness and education booklet for young people.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Cocaine and Alcohol - Cocaethylene
Cocaethylene awareness and harm reduction leaflet for anyone who uses alcohol and cocaine together.

£0.35 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Alcohol Aware
Up-dated information and distinctive fresh visuals for our popular alcohol awareness booklet for young people.

£0.48 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Ecstasy FAQS
Part of our FAQs series, this ecstasy leaflet raises awareness and provides essential health advice for anyone who uses Ecstasy.

£0.44 (GBP) excl VAT

Picture of Early Years Work - Drugs and Alcohol, a Practical Guide
An important Early Years Workforce Guide on how to work with young families where substance misuse is an issue...

£9.45 (GBP) excl VAT